Allergy - Cross-Reactivity

Cross-reactivity is when an allergic person reacts to substances that are similar enough to the allergen that they are allergic to that it induces an allergic response. And example of this can be pollen, something we usually don’t associate with food allergies but a person allergic to pollen can also have cross-reactivity for certain foods like fruits, berries and species that contain similar substances.

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Birch pollen

Birch pollen cross-reactions

jackfruit, persimmon, grapes, mung beans, pomegranate, poppy seeds, nangai, clementine, pineapple, mango, honeydew melon, figs, passion fruit, pistachios, cashew nuts, coconut, chestnut, nutmeg, lychee, chamomile, curry, coriander, anise, lentils, peas, soybeans, peppermint, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, potato, carrots, peanuts, cumin, pear, celery, cherries, strawberries, oranges, avocado, kiwi, peach, nectarine, apricot, banana, sweet cherries, plums, apples
Mugwort pollen

Mugwort pollen cross-reactions

carrots, parsnip, tansy, salsify, yarrow, chicory, endive, chrysanthemum, sunflower seeds, nutmeg, honey, melon, banana, mango, mustard, wormwood, peppermint, cumin, chervil, artichoke, chili pepper, garlic, chamomile, anise, dill, parsley, basil, tarragon, coriander, oregano, paprika, tomato, curry, lettuce, fennel, jerusalem artichoke, leek, celery, fenugreek
Please note! Mugwort pollen is heat stable. This means that the cross-reactivity does not subside even if its cooked or as part of a meal.
Ambrosia pollen

Ambrosia pollen cross-reactions

banana, zucchini, sunflower seeds, cucumber, kiwi, melon
Grass pollen

Grass pollen cross-reactions

beans, soybeans, peas, lentils, tomato, onion, peanuts, wheat, pumpkin

Latex cross-reactions

avocado, chestnuts, plums, banana, kiwi, cherries, nectarine, peanuts, strawberries, tomato, shellfish

Mites cross-reactions

snails, shellfish, crustaceans, mussels, oysters
Chicken feather

Chicken feather cross-reactions

egg, chicken meat

Cat cross-reactions


Dog cross-reactions


Horse cross-reactions



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Please note

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